Organize Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves are great décor for the home, but if they become too crowded (especially with items that aren’t books,) it makes your whole room look more cluttered. Just by cleaning off this one item of furniture, you can give the room it’s in an instant refresh.

When cleaning off a bookshelf the first thing to do is take everything off it. Yes, you can probably just take off the items you’re not going to have on the shelves and rearrange from there but cutting corners will only make the process longer. Besides, think back to the last time you cleaned off the shelves. If it’s been a while, there could be a whole colony of dust bunnies sitting behind and between your books.

Once everything has been removed from the shelves, it’s time to go through it all. Determine which knick-knacks and non-book items should stay on the shelf and which should be displayed elsewhere, put into your storage unit or just gotten rid of.

You will have to sort through your books the same way. If there are books you will never read again and didn’t even know you had, chances are it can be stored or tossed. You should also take into account if you have an electronic version and paper version of the same book. Unless that book is very meaningful to you or something you reference often, that could also be put into your storage facility or gotten rid of.

If you have a very over-crowded bookshelf but don’t want to part with any of the books, your storage unit is the perfect solution. Some books, such as children’s books and classics, are worth saving even if you don’t have room for them in your home right now.

Once you’ve decided what will stay and what will go, it’s time to organize. Put all the books onto the shelves first. You can organize these by size, genre or alphabetically, as long as there’s some reason for your order. Next, fit in the rest of your bookshelf items, which could be anything from picture frames to Precious Moments statues to sports memorabilia.

With an organized bookshelf that is not jam-packed with items, your room will look a little better and more organized.