Tame your wardrobe

Many people put a lot of emphasis on what is in their wardrobe, since how you present yourself each day can attribute to first impressions, and it’s also a way people can express themselves each day.  The problem where a wardrobe becomes too cluttered happens when people keep buying more items for their wardrobe but forget to clean out the old items. So before you need a new closet the size of your storage unit, follow the below rules to simplify your wardrobe.

Keep Only Your Size

The most useless items in your wardrobe are items that don’t fit. If the clothes you have are too big or too small, they don’t belong in your closet or dresser. If you truly believe that you’re going to fit into those clothes again sometime soon, keep them in your storage unit until you do. This way your closet isn’t too crowded, and everything in there is something you can fit into (which will save time when you’re getting dressed each day).

Focus on Staple Pieces

By having more staple pieces of clothing, you will need to keep less clothing overall. You will be able to wear these staple pieces, such as black pants or a white blouse, more often and combine them into different outfits.

Get Rid Of Anything Out of Style

A lot of people say styles rotate and most items will come in and go out of style at different points, but that doesn’t mean to keep all items until they come back into style (because let’s face it, not everything will come back in style again). If you’re sure some of the items will, put them in your storage facility until they do.

The main thing to remember when simplifying your wardrobe is to keep in your closet only the items you wear now and items you can wear more often. Any other items that you want to keep can be put in storage until you will wear them again.

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