Reduce waste. Go green!

Earth Day is coming up, and it’s a time when we remember to be more “green.”  Of course there are so many ways to green your space and storage all year round, so do your part to go green with our easy tips below.

Recycled Storage Containers – With the amount of storage people do, making sure your storage is green is very important. Buy storage containers that you can use over and over again. By buying containers that you can use again, you’re reducing waste. Want to go a step above that? Get recycled storage containers like this one from Office Depot. These can be used in your storage unit or home storage and reduce the impact you’ll have on the environment.

Have a Garden – One of the most obvious ways to go green is to grow your own food. In a climate like Chicago’s, your options may be more limited than other climates would be, but you can still grow some delicious food. Your Chicagoland Storage Facility is the perfect place to store your gardening tools in the seasons you won’t need them, making it even easier and more convenient to go green. With having a garden it makes sense to invest in a compost bin to store vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, eggshells, greens and other food scraps. Compost is a great solution for the soil in your garden.

Cleaning Supplies – Along with the organizing and storage comes the cleaning aspect. Many household cleaners contain chemicals that are bad for the environment. Know what’s in your cleaning supplies and be conscious of the chemicals you use. Try one of the natural cleaners made from vinegar and the citrus peel. You can make it yourself and it works great leaving your space smelling fresh.

Differentiate Your Storage – One of the best ways to “green” your storage solutions is to make a distinction between what you keep stored at home and what you keep in your storage facility. If you make sure the items in your storage unit are items that you won’t need for a while, it will prevent having to drive back and forth to your unit to get any items you need. By cutting back on the driving to your storage unit, you are lessening the impact you have on the environment.

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