Basement organized

Many of us use our basement as a place for storage, but in reality, that just means it’s an area in your house that you’re losing. If you clean out the basement, you’ll have more room for the people in the house, and you’ll be able to get rid of items you don’t need to store anymore.

1. Part ways

The first thing you need to do is go through everything you’re storing down there. Go through all you have and throw away or donate items you don’t need any more. A common problem with storing items in a basement is that it’s too easy to just throw things down there when you can’t decide if you want to get rid of them or not, and then after a while, the items are forgotten about. Also, some of the items are more sentimental items that are harder to part with, such as items from your childhood.

2. Organize what’s left

Next make sure everything that will remain stored in the basement is stored properly. Box like items up together and label what is in the boxes. Then put boxes away in an area of the basement so they don’t take over the entire basement. Dedicate only a small area to storing items and keep the rest open. This way, you’ll limit how much you can store down there.

3. Store off site

Since not everything that needs to be stored can actually be stored in the basement, some items will need to be put in your storage facility. Items that you may need on any given day should be kept in the basement, but other items that you won’t need as often or without warning can be stored in the storage unit.

Once your basement is clean and organized, you’ll have much more room for you and your family. You can even think about finishing it (if it’s not already). Just remember to maintain this organization and make a trip to your Chicago storage unit whenever items start to pile up again.

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